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RESERVED | Simply Sweet Advent Calendar 2023

RESERVED | Simply Sweet Advent Calendar 2023

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**These advent calendars are reserved.  Please only purchase if we have had prior communication.  Thanks for understanding!**

This year's advent is all about pastries!  Before I started Olivia & Oliver Fibers I used to be a pastry chef. I trained in New York City and then moved to the Netherlands and opened/ran my own wedding cake shop for nine years. Pastry and dessert still hold a big part of my heart which is why I thought it would be the perfect theme for this year's calendar, plus... look at those colors! 🤩⁣

This year's calendar will be a fade, but in my opinion it isn't a super traditional fade.  It will include quite a few color transitions (which will make for some fun projects using either the full advent or various sections of it) and it will consist of (mostly) variegated colorways with a few tonals.  I wanted a fade where I could have fun playing with all different types of colors so that each skein would have their own clear individuality and opening each package will feel exciting and unique! 

This package includes:
-24 | 20g Mini Skeins (including inspiration photo)
-1 | 100g Skein 
-A set of custom clay knit stitch markers by Tera Clay.
-A knit pattern from Maliha Designs.

100g Skein | Classic Sock
-75% Superwash Merino Wool & 25% Nylon
-100g | 425m | 2 Ply High Twist

20g Mini Skeins | Classic Sock
-75% Superwash Merino Wool & 25% Nylon
-20g | 85m | 2 Ply High Twist
-24 skeins x 85m = 2040m

This advent is a pre-order.  Non-EU orders will be shipped out in October and orders within the EU will be shipped out in October/November.  This ensures that all orders will arrive with plenty of time before December 1st.  All skeins will be individually wrapped and numbered so that everyone will open the same colorway on the same day.  If you order anything at the same time as your advent then it will be shipped along with your advent in September/October.  Unfortunately, coupon codes cannot be used to purchase advents and because supplies will be purchased immediately advents are also non-refundable.

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Important Information

Please make sure to purchase enough yarn/fiber for your project at the same time.  Although I take every effort to ensure consistency between batches, the beauty and nature of hand-dyed means that each skein/braid (even within the same batch) can vary slightly in color and depth.

All yarn/fiber has been thoroughly washed but it is possible that some color remains (especially with the darker colors).  Please wash your hand-dyed projects individually in cold water with some wool wash.

Although I try my absolute hardest to represent the most authentic colors in my photos, please note that they can appear differently on different screens/devices.