🍂 Endless Autumn 🍂

This pre-order is now closed.

A BIG thank you to everyone who showed up!!! 💛  You blew me away and I cannot wait to get started on your orders.


*Updated: February 19th, 2024*

Turnaround Time | 12 Weeks

After some calculations and taking into account my current health situation, the turnaround take for the Endless Autumn pre-orders will be 12 weeks.  This is a bit longer than I originally anticipated, but because the pre-order did so well (🙌🏻) and was right at my capacity limit I was already planning on a 10 week turnaround.  However, now with my lung infection and the fact that it can take a few weeks to get my full lung capacity back, I am giving myself some space to heal before attempting to go back to work full-force.  I want to make sure I give your orders the attention they deserve and this time-frame should allow me to do so! 💛

VAT: NL003292888B06 | KvK: 78162351